I cheated on my wife, again…

First it was Gabby, and she’s beautiful.  And to be fair, still a very large part of my life, even after two years together.  And with time, my wife has grown to love her as well.  But now its Coco.  Coco is irresistible.  She’s dark, sleek, seductive.  The complete opposite of Gabby, and I kinda like that.  I’m not quite sure how well Coco is going to be accepted into our family; whether she’ll be seen as a threat, or for what she stands for.  Adventure and romance.

Swan 54

Our new Swan 54 – and yes, I did photoshop Coco on there! And no, thats not me…

Coco is a Swan 54 from Nautor in Finland and she’s designed as a pure bluewater cruiser.  But in saying that, performance, comfort, quality and strength are at the forefront of the build.  And yes, we’ve just ordered one.  She’s designed to be sailed shorthanded which means handling is a breeze for a couple (that would be us).

Swan 54, Nautor, Yacht, Sailing

Nautor Swan 54 – pretty much like the one we are getting…

Hull construction is just starting, and she should be delivered into Sydney for final fit out and ocean trials sometime in October.  Then the fun begins, we get to sail her across the Tasman back home to Auckland.  We’ve got some sailing to do around New Zealand for the next few years, then there’s a lot of ocean out there that we can’t wait to start exploring.  We’ll keep you up to date with progress – we are pretty lucky; adventures overland, now overwater! You can read more about Coco here.

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